Cannot suppress both author and Date APA 6th citation

When I go to edit a citation in the text There is only an option to omit author OR date not both which is necessary. I did not have this problem with X4 but I am doing my final edit using X5. And Ideas.


The problem of excluding both author and year in EndNote X5 is a known problem (seethis thread) for which a “fix” is scheduled to be addressed in an update in fall.  No workaround has been reported so far so users may need to find their own solutions.  Seems in this situation, users may either: 1) adjust the context of the material so as to avoid situations where both the author and year must be excluded; or  2) manually insert their own version of the  “exclude author and year” in-text citation along with the complete reference in the bibliography. 

The problem is that it takes an extra step.  The option you want is “In Bibliography Only”", the problem is that it takes an extra “click” over the old sytem.