Smart Group for each search term - so why so many 'Unfiled' entries?

I’ve created a smart group for each search term I’ve searched on, with exactly the same search parameters for the online search terms and the smart group filters. So I would expect that there should be no ‘Unfiled’ entries, as each one should correspond to at least one of the smart groups and be filed accordingly. But about 3/4 of my results are not being grouped into their corresponding Smart Group, and are listed in ‘Unfiled’.

What’s going on?


Pretty hard to know, but if the fields that match in the searched database, are not transferred to the library, that could explain it? 


Thanks for replying. I’m still a relative newbie, and I’m not sure I follow what you’ve said - can you clarify for a beginner?

As far as I know, what I’m tryign to do should be working. My online search results are added to ‘All references’ automatically; the searches are usually made as ‘Any field’+Contains+ " " , which is the exact same formula that the Smart Group uses to sort the main library entries, so I’ve no idea why some (most) references aren’t being filed into corresponding Smart Groups.

Any other thoughts would be gratefully received…

I know, but not all database fields are transferred to the library records.  What database what search term, and maybe I can see if it is reproducable?  

Oh, I think I see what you’re saying now. That would make sense.

I’m generally searching ‘Any field’ when I look up a library catalogue on the online search. The smart groups are also configured to look for ‘any field’ and find the same search term. I’m not sure which fields are not being transferred over, and why. Is there a way to modify this? And if so, will it retroactively add the fields, or only make it work from here on?


missed this –  but I am not sure how to adjust the fields downloaded and I don’t know if the “update” feature would respect the connection file changes.  I think you need to contact Clarivate, if you haven’t already.

Tony M. (Technical Support Representative), recommends contactingTechnical Support 

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1  (week days I think)


They are there to help whenever you run into issues.