Some strange behaviors of Group display


I just came back to endnote business, and been trying to re-sort my master library (~5800 references) using Group/Smart group functions. There are several strange behaviors, sometimes very annoying.

  1. Say, I click on one group set, expand it, and highlight one of the groups. References that belong to the group is shown on the main panel. Fine. Then, I move my cursor to click on the “+” button to expand another group set immediately above. The group set (the one above) expands okay, but strangely the position of the highlight stays at the same place. This means the highlighted group is totally different group that belong to the group set immediately above, not the one I originally expanded. Nothing changes in the main reference window, so this is just a display problem in the Group pane. But I have to use scroll bar up and down to fix this every time.

  2. This phenomenon is not 100% reproducible, but seems like there are some glitches. When I click and highlight one group, double click a reference on the main reference window, edit some entry like custom fields, and close the reference, THEN the main reference display completely screws up and show references in a totally irrevant group. To prove this actually happens, please take a look at jpg image taken from the numbers on the lower left corner of Endnote window. “Showing 50 of 16 references in Group” ?? How can it be possible?

Let me know if you have similar experiences.

OS: Win XP Pro SP3, Endnote X3.0.1

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I’m adding one more strange behavior of group function to my own post.

I had more than 400 groups, and tried to convert them to smart groups. In the middle of the conversion, I found some smart groups were not simply updating automatically. I had to use “edit group, then save” to update, or simply close the library and reopen to update the smart group references.

Obviously, there are some premature things in group/smart group functions. These erratic behaviors are not realy critical but somewhat annoying.  So, I just wanted to bring this thread up to draw attention for Endnote developers.

Endnote X3.0.1, Win XP Pro SP3

I believe most of these are known issues that are mainly just minor UI anomalies - none of these cause any data lose or corruption. We have several Groups-related improvements on the “to do” list for EndNote version X4 that is in development right now.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for replying.

Yes, indeed none of them are critical errors, but just UI issues. If you have more priorities, you can fix them later, or just through updates. I look forward to seeing the improvements in X4.