sorting options for bibliographic styles / output by volume and issue number of a journal when the author is the same

Trying to get two diff. citations to sort correctly; these are from the same journal by the same author but in consecutive numbers of the journal. If I insert the latter one first it comes out as Author 2009-a and the former (chronologically speaking) comes out as Author 2009-b in my bibliography. If I insert the latter one second, they come out the other way around. I’d like them to come out in chronological sequence no matter which order I insert them into my document (as they should), but it looks like EndNote isn’t picking this information up. I tried searching for a sorting criterion by issue number, but there isn’t any. So, (a) is there a way to add this criterion; but more importantly, (b) is it really necessary? Shouldn’t the sorting happen automatically? 

Exx: 2009a. “Reply to Shiner.” British Journal of Aesthetics. vol. 49, no. 2

2009b. “Is Art Modern? Kristeller’s ‘Modern System ofthe Arts’ Reconsidered.” British Journalof Aesthetics. vol. 49, no. 1

Where these ought to be reversed (2009a/b). Very frustrating, so I’d appreciated any tips on how to fix this.

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Message Edited by jiporter on 04-12-2009 05:13 PM