How to alphabetize a last name in the bibliography out of alphabetical order?

How should an author’s name that has two parts to the last name be entered into a  reference so that the latter half of the last name is what is properly alphabetized in the bibliography?

For example, for the author “Jan S. de Vries,” the last name is “de Vries.” In the bibliography, the name should appear as “de Vries, Jan S,” and should be listed in the section of names that begin with the letter V, such as:

Vlack, John

de Vries, Jan S.

Vroom, Susan

Any suggestions on how to enter the name in the reference?

You should edit the preferences (Edit menu, preference in EndnoteX) - “Sorting” options to include the “de” and “van der” etc in the “ignore” Author section. 

That worked! Thanks so much for your easy instructions and quick response. I really appreciate your help!