Strange problem with EndNote 9 / Word 2007 combination

A user has just brought in her laptop on which she has Word 2007 and EndNote 9. She’s successfully installed CWYW as an add-in, but is experiencing extremely odd behaviour when she tries to insert citations.

If she disables instant formatting she can insert citation markers of the standard {Jones 2009 #2} form.

However, if she enables instant formatting or does format bibliography, Word creates a footnote marker in the text, inserts a footnote and places the formatted citation in it. The final oddity is that all the footnotes are clustered on the last page of her document, although they are laid out as footnotes, not endnotes.

I’ve tried changing to different output styles and (in desperation) tried changing the output style of Word 2007’s inbuilt referencing in case that was somehow being triggered.

There is an additional complication in that her operating system is German Windows (Vista I think, though I may be wrong about this).

Has anyone come across this before?

The obvious answer is that she needs to upgrade to a newer version of EndNote, but she’s reluctant to spend £89 when the version she has so nearly works.

Are you changing the style in Endnote or in the format bibliography/style in the manuscript?  Endnote will not override the Word manuscript set style.  In Word 2007and 2010 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, click the bottom corner arrow and see what output style is there in the Format Bibliography tab. I doubt they are “foonotes” as endnote can’t insert footnotes, it can only create a numbered bibliography at the end (which would look very similar to “endnotes”). 

What style is she wanting to use?

EndNote version 9 CWYW was not designed to be compatible with MS Word 2007. Full compatibility is listed here:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

And it says it is compatible apart from:

EndNote 9

We have identified minor incompatibilities with EndNote 9:

Clicking on the Help icon in the CWYW toolbar or going to the “Addins > EndNote 9 > Help” dropdown menu gives a “Failed to Launch Help” error message. Clicking on the Help button in one of the CWYW dialog boxes will launch Help properly.


(Cause it was the first thing I checked) With specific exceptions listed here, it appears to be compatible with Vista too.


She’s attempting to use MHRA, but would accept any author date type style. I think you are correct that what’s happening is that she’s somehow got stuck with a style that inserts a superscripted number then puts the full reference at the end of the document with the same superscript number beside it, so that the result looks exactly like a misplaced footnote.

She’s tried using Format Bibliography from the add-in’s toolbar with no success (I have actually seen her do this), but I think the next thing I could suggest she tries is starting with a completely blank document so she can see exactly what’s going on and trying whether any of the author-date styles can successfully reformat the document.

Thanks for the suggestions,

Can’t remember.  Is there a “Format Paper” tool in EN9, or was that the version where they temporarily dropped it?  If you can get CWYW off and the refs in the curly bracketed form, she could save the document as an RTF version and use the format paper tool instead. Then you should be able to ensure you are using the correct style.  You loose the CWYW facilty, but I think that is over rated anyway.