Did I burn my money? (citations in footnotes with word 2008)

Hello there,

I’m a newcomer in the community and not really familiar with all the details, please excuse my mistakes if I make any.

Here’s my problem. I’m using MS Word 2008 12.2.6 (Mac OSX 10.6.4).

I was using EndNote X1 (gift from my University) until a few hours ago.

There is a bug in X1 that makes Word crash when you try to edit a citation that was inserted in a footnote.

The subject was dealt with on this forum and the bug is reported as fixed in X3.

Recently I really needed to insert citations in footnotes. So I bought X3 (while X1 was perfectly working outside of this little bug :-s )… whatever…

After installation, my first try was to edit citations in footnotes… And Word doesn’t crash :slight_smile:

but the formating of the citation is wrong :-((((((

Let me explain: I choose to format my citations as “numbered” (a citation typically [1] then [2] etc…). When I add a citation in a footnote, this format is not respected (I get the author(s) name(s), then the title etc… way too long).

I tried to modify this but failed miserably and my original problem (insert numbered citations in footnotes) is not solved, although my money’s gone…

I know I could adopt a different formatting for my all text but this is not acceptable regarding readability.

If any of you smart guys could give me a hint on how to solve this major problem :wink: I’d be the happiest guy in the world… well… sort of…

Thanx a lot in advance for your help or advices.


No I don’t think you burned your money.  It’s more a matter of understanding how WORD and Endnote interact to create the footnotes you desire.

It’s not clear to me if you are actually using the Endnote Output Style called “Numbered”. Each Endnote output style has  templates that control the way a reference type is formatted in the bibliography and in footnotes. The “Numbered” output style is set to format citations in footnotes the same way it formats citations in a bibliography. To check the footnote format of an EndNote style, click EDIT in the command menu, then open the style manager and select your preferred style. Look for “Templates” under “Footnotes”.  You can edit the format. See your Endnote help manual for details on editing/creating custom output styles.

Once you have the format the way you want it. Use WORD’s Insert Footnote function to create the in-text footnote. Insert your Endnote citation into the WORD-generated footnote. Then format your manuscript.


Thank you VERY much… :smileyvery-happy:

setting changed from “same as bibliography” to “same as citation”