Endnote has suddenly stopped working

Hello all,

I was using Endnote (v6) with Word and Windows 7 (64bit). Everything worked for a long time, but I’ve recently applied some long overdue updates to Windows. Endnote stopped behaving the way it had before the updates:

Previously, Endnote inserted the citation (Smith, 2015) and included the full citation at the end of the document. Currently, Endnote inserts {Smith, 2015 #100) and does NOT include the full citation at the bottom of the document. 

What have I done, and how can I regain the functionality of Endnote?

Thank you!

That is an Endnote temporary citation, so it sounds like the CWYW function (aka instant formating) is off.  If you are using Word 2010 - you should look on the endnot X7 ribbon and enable it, and make sure that an output style for your publication destination, and  that is on your machine is in the output style box on that ribbon.  If the ribbon isn’t there, you may need to repair the Endnote installation to get the ribbon back.  

thank you for that reply!

The ribbon is present in Word - where can I find the CWYW function? There are three sections: Citations, Bibliography, and Tools. The style in the Bibliography section was NOT the style that I selected in Endnote, so I changed them to match - still same problem.

See the attached highlighted item, which is off in this example and needs to be clicked on to turn it on.  Yours probably looks the same.   

The style has to be chosen  in the document (circled in highlight) - changing it in the Endnote program has no affect on existing documents (so you can work on multiple publications without having to change back and forth?).