Style modification don't work ?

Hi there !

I use X4 with Office for Mac 2008 working on my thesis (due Sunday, by the way).

I want to do a slight modification on the style used (APA6th), for the full list of authors appears for the first citation and only one name in the subsequent citation (e.g… Lamontagne, Tremblay, Smith and Machin truc → Lamontagne et al.). I’ve Edited the Author List of the Output style and then used the APAth edited in the thesis, but the in-text citation don’t change, i.e… the full lists of authors remain for all the text.

Even if I choose a very different style (e.g… Vancouver), the in-text citations don’t change.

Any idea what is going on ?


Are you changing the style in Endnote, or are you changing the style in the manuscript?  See the image attached to JasonR’s post here.

If you have done that, try unformating the document to curly brackets and reformating with the corrected style (which you may want to rename to ensure it is using the one you think it  is using) and you can re-engage CWYW from the third tab, before hitting “OK”. 

Hi !

I changed the style in Words also.

Now there is a new (and terrifying) problem. When I try to unformatt the citations, it work once, but I apply the wrong style. So I go back ant try to unformat the text again, and EN said that “there is no EN citation in the text”



Did you unformat or “REMOVE” the citations?!  (on a copy I hope?).  Are they in curly brackets?  with the endnote number? 

perhaps PM message me or contact tech support? 

I really unformat them (on a copy :slight_smile: but nothing change… Anyway, I’m gonna contact the technical services or just re-insert them again…

That s*****


Did you select all first?