Not all pages of the document change output style

Hello, I have a post doc student who is having a strange EndNote issue. She has a paper formatted correctly in EndNote. Whenever she saves a copy and then changes the output style to Behavioral Brain Research, she always gets at least 2 pages that do not change to the proper in text citation – sometimes up to 4 pages that don’t change. A colleague suggested that changing the citations to ‘unformatted’ and then back sometimes fixes issues like this. It didn’t work.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Has anyone had issues with this style? I don’t usually have folks that work with a numbered in text citation style.

Do the affected refs change back to the curly bracketed forms, during the unformat step?  It sounds to me like there may be a corrupt citation that is blocking the reformating stage? 

I’ll check in with the user and ask. May be a bit before I can answer :slight_smile: thanks!

I gathered some more information from the user.

  • -Yes, she does notice that the citations that do not format correctly also do not get the curly bracketed form around them when she does the unformat step. That did lead me to think that perhaps those citations were corrupted. However, she notes that these same citations also appear formatted correctly in the introduction section of the document. 
  • -She is a PC user with EndNote X4.

I suspect that it is a citation in the later part of the paper, not the library record that it the problem.  But not really sure how to proceed to fix it. I would either ask Tech support, who probably has some tools that might help rescue the majority of the document?  - Or maybe delete the part in the formatted document that contains that first citation not unformatting properly?  and then see if the remainder is “repaired” first?  on a copy – always on a COPY!