Hi, can any one please clarify that which style (Numbered) is this one? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the endnote. Any download link would be appreciated.

[1]     D. Kornack and P. Rakic, “Cell Proliferation without Neurogenesis in Adult Primate Neocortex,” Science, vol. 294, Dec. 2001, pp. 2127-2130, doi:10.1126/science.1065467.

Try this - it’s a modified version of the IEEE Communicatons Surveys and Tutorials output style.  The style was modified to accommodate bracketed numbers. The style tends to italicize journal titles and capitalize the “DOI” part of the reference but that can be easily adjusted by editing the style.

IEEE_Comm_Surv_Tutorials_Modified.ens (19.5 KB)