Numbered citations

In Endnote (version X5, windows 8.1 pc), I have created a new style and formatted my bibliography in the style requested by the journal, but I can’t work out how to format the citations in Numbered style, rather than (author / year).

I tihnk I probably should have started with a style which uses numbered citations, but I don’t know which ones use it.  Now I’ve formatted the Bibliography in the requested style, is it just possible to change the citation style to numbered citations and order the Bibliography in order of appearance in the text?

(The journal didn’t give the name of the bibliographic style, so I can’t search for it?)

Thank you for your help,

edit the style:

under “Citations” -> “Templates”: insert the field “Bibliography Number” (+whatever is needed)


under “Bibliography” -> “Layout”: add “Bibliography Number” (+whatever is needed)

                                      -> “Sort Order”: check “Order of appearance”

that should do it.

the style “Numbered” is one you could have looked at for hints on what to change

That is exactly what I needed.

Thank you so much!