Subsequent Citation


I’m using the oscola 4th edn style. I would like subsequent citations to show besides the author also the year. However, I’m having no succes accomplishing this. Does anyone know whether this is possible> 

Additionally, does anyone know wheter it’s possible to also add a cross citiation (refereing to the footnote number where the article/report was first cited)?

All help is much appreciated

In order for Endnote to generate in-text citations having the author and year format you’ll need to create the citation template as there are no citation templates in the oscola 4th edn style (refer to attached image). Note that the author and year citation will be automatically generated. In cases where you wish just to have the author displayed without the year you can manually the citation to “hide” the year.

It’s unclear how you want the author and year citation to unformatted but as a point of reference you might check endnote’s Author-Date output style’s citation template (refer to attached image). (To edit the Endnote output style file go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Output Styles >Edit [name of your output style].)

As for the cross-citation, if the footnote number is meant to be included as part of an in-text citation you could edit the citation to include the footnote number (and explanatory text) in the suffix field of the Edit Citations dialog box.

Hi there,

I’m new to OSCOLA, would have used Endnote Vancouver style succesfully for years.  Having major probs with OSCOLA settings, in-text citations appear like so…(1) instead of superscript number, footnotes are not appearing at the bottom of the page at all, and the bibliography is appearing numerically instead of by reference type…

I have tried (and failed) to edit/change these issues using the Output Styles Edit feature… 

I’d really appreciate any suggestions or advice!


If it is a footnote style - then you need to use Word to insert the footnote then insert the citation in the footnote.  Endnote will not automatically generate footnotes.