Suggestions for EndNote's Preview Pane

I think that managing media files (PDFs, images, videos, web-links, etc.) with EndNote could be improved.


How do other users feel about the following wish list:

  • The current preview pane would be tabbed.  In addition to the current bibliographic preview, it should allow preview of attached media files rather than opening them in an external viewer.  For example, one tab for each of the attached/imported PDF files, etc.  Currently, the keyboard shortcut only opens the first attached PDF file.  Some citations may be fragmented or for example have errata attached.  Some letters may have responses, etc.
  • The preview pane’s layout should be configurable. Displays are wider than they are long.  Allowing the preview pane to be displayed to make better use of the screen’s width, especially for wide-screen displays would be useful.

 We often download the PDFs for our subscriptions and articles we find and throw the journals away.  Support to make importing downloaded references would be useful.:

  • For the advanced users, incorporation of some form of application script programmability could allow users to scan the contents of (PDF) files and programmatically identify the appropriate citations for import.
  • For the average user, allowing navigation to directories on the hard drive and providing previews of media files that could be imported from within EndNote would be useful.  As examples of programs that allow files to be previewed and drag-and-dropped into EndNote, see, (File Previewer), It would be great if EndNote made the need for these often problematic external viewers obsolete.

They say a picture can say a thousand words …

See attachement. I would appreciate other user’s comments about the value of a file attachment preview/browser pane.