one suggestion, hope you can release a patch, i really need this feature.

if i want to view the abstract of a reference in endnote, i  have to double click on it and scroll down to the place, It is very inconvenient .

Maybe you should add some tabs on the down right corner, i mean, where the search and preview are located, at least add a abstract tab and note tab, then peopel can view abstract and make note  more easy.

thank you.

please let me know what you think of my suggestion.

I have the same problem with opening file attachments, perhaps you can add a command button which open the attached pdf when clicked, or add a tab in the down right  corner displaying all the files attached, and when double click on one of them, it will open.

thank you.

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This is not exactly what you are suggesting, but you can achieve almost what you want to do as follows.

Make a custom style, like “Abstract view”, that includes abstract in the bibliography template. You could add carriage return after your favorite journal style, and then add “Abstract” field. In my case, I add another retrun, and add my personal custom field that includes notes, I make the notes in bold font. Then select this “Abstract view” from left top drop down menu. Now, preview pane shows abstract and notes (in bold). I do this in my wide screen monitor which pivot rotate to make it portrait view, such that I have enough space to show list of references and big preview pane. But regular screen could also do this.

I got you. But this is not all I want.

You cannot edit notes in that box.If you want to add notes, you still have to double click the reference and scroll down to find that field,

in addition, displaying the abstract and  note in one box is not suitable for small screen,especially palm PCs,because you have to scroll to view all, and one click on a tab is more easy than that. I still believe that my suggestion is worth considering.

Anyway,  thank you for let me know your method, at least I can view the abstract and note in that corner now.:stuck_out_tongue:

We should be allowed to select which and the order of the fields displayed in the reference panel, just like we can in the library itself. That way we could prioritize the fields of greatest interest (such as the abstract) above the fields of minimal interest (such as alternate journal names, ISSN #, Accession #, Keywords, etc.).