X3 Wish List

Feature requests for X3:

Next to the immediate telepathic transfer of knowldege to my brain when I drop a PDF file into EndNote, I would like to also request:

  1. Palettes/movable panes:  For example, the search and preview panes could be customized and placed as floating objects anywhere on the screen, or they could be docked to the sides or the top.

Make the tool bar editable, but pleeeeaaaase don’t make it like an Office 2007 ribbon.

At least add a toolbar icon that would allow hiding and showing of the “Groups” panel.

Allow restoration of the confirmation dialog for changing citations through a preferences option, so the user would not have to resort to editing the registry (at least in Windows).

A new preview panel for linked media files (at least PDF).  It could for example be simple enough so that it would use an embedded media viewer that is already isntalled (QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explore, …). You could argue that opening files with an outside program with ctrl-shift-p accomplishes the same thing.  Perhaps to some degree.  However, it would be very nice to search for articles on a topic, and as one scrolls through the list, a preview pane would show the .pdf or other media file, and allow the user to then switch panes and start scrolling through the preview, maximize the screen, and read the article from within EndNote.

For the Full Monte, allow editing .pdf metadata, and customized import of citations based on the metadata content.  Even better would be full scripting support (e.g. JavaScript, VBA, …) that would allow users to write custom scripts.  Such scripts could for example read the content of files and automate citation creation based on specific file contents.

Finally, rename EndNote X3 EndNote XXX and give it an M for mature rating

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X3 beta is going on, so the wish list goes to X4?

I guess some folks may disagree, but considering the history of EndNote (I have been a customer since version 3), there is a general paucity of new features in new EndNote releases (with verison 9 -> X being an exception).

So there is a good chance I will see at least my last wish, namely EndNote XXX (i.e. version 30) while still cutting and pasting some of the above wishes :wink:

Message Edited by nmadani on 04-29-2009 11:20 PM

Message Edited by nmadani on 04-29-2009 11:20 PM

I suggest to correct a disturbing error in the researcherID and Endnote Web. These softwares cannot hanndle article number generally used in physics, Phys Rev journals. The publications occur liket this:

Source: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 123 Issue: 6 Pages: - Published: AUG 8 2005

Times Cited: 94 

DOI: 10.1063/1.1904565

So DOI is given, but no article number. Without that the reference is incomplete.

Please correct.

Best regards, Gabor I. Csonka  

Hello Gabor,

Can you confirm the source and method of adding these records into ResearcherID/EndNoteWeb? Also, can you explain what specific handling you’re expecting (e.g., are you looking for the article number in the ResearcherID list display or formatted in a particular output)?

Best regards,

  • Mathilda

The EndNote Web Team

Hello Mathilda,

source: Web of Science.

The same reference looks like this in web of science:

 Source: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 123  

Issue: 6 Article Number: 062201   Published: AUG 8 2005

Endnote Web and ResearcherID misses the Article number

so the reference without that is completely useseless. 

Best regards, Gabor I. Csonka

Hello Gabor,

We are investigating the issue both when adding records through ResearcherID’s search options and EndNote Web’s Online Search utility.

There is a method I can recommend until the issue is resolved which is to save the record from Web of Knowledge to EndNote Web using their “Save to EndNote Web” option or direct export, the article number is included in the DOI field for records where that data is output using the AR tag.

If there is any other aspect to this that I have not covered, please let me know.

Best regards,

  • Mathilda Edmunds, the EndNote Web team