Suggestions of Endnote X6

I tried the Endnote X6 yesterday, it exactly has many new functions and makes some excellent advances, but there are also some problems.

First, I prefer to the X5’s window. In the X6’window, the “preview”, “search” and “edit” panel locates in the right of the window, which results the “Display fields” become small and cannot be seen without scrolling the bottom bar. Especially for the notebook PC,they have the small screen, even they have a wider screen, the modified window in X6 will not be show very well. What a bother!:flushed: So I suggest the pattern of the X6’ window return the X5’ window, or the two windows can interchange according to the different users.

Second, according to my experience, it is the best show that the “Display fields” display seven or eight labels, which are most important for users. The two new labels, “maker read or unread” and “rating”, are very practical. But, I suggest the “research note” is more important than these two new labels. So I advise the “research note” locates behinds the “pages” in the “quick edit” panel.

Third, there a very practical button in the front of the “file attachment”, it can make the the “preview”, “search” and “quick edit” panel show in a separated window. So I consider if there some keyboard shortcuts for these useful buttons, for example “open file” and “file attachment”, it will be a beautiful thing.

Thank for your consideration!


Hello Robin,

As far as your point about the display, keep in mind X6 has a Layout option. On the bottom right side of your EndNote library screen, there will be a Layout drop-down. You can use the Reference Panel display that works best for you. The Bottom display would be the closest to the X5 display.


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