Superscripting for book editions


How do I enter superscriptions when creating a new entry? Like, I want to say 3rd edition but have the -rd superscripted. Even when I copy and paste from Word with a superscription, it disappears when I pasted into EndNote.

Generally, style guidelines don’t call for putting ordinal indicators (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) in superscript font. So unless the style guideline for your particular discipline calls for using superscript ordinal indicators you should not use them.

If, however, you wish to persist in using superscript ordinal indicators, you will need to separate the book edition’s Arabic number from the indicator  which will appear in its own custom field. Separating the indicator will allow superscripting that portion while retaining the Arabic number and generate the format you described (refer to image #1 for sample output). However, disaggregating the edition number is not advised as online databases have standardized the edition field as a single unit and do not employ superscript. This means you will need to manually disaggregate the Arabic number from the indicator every time you retrieve downloaded references containing edition data.

If you wish to persist superscripting ordinal indicators, the workaround is to:

1.create a custom field to hold the ordinal indicator data (refer to image #2);

2.enter the appropriate indicator (“st”, “nd” , “rd”) into the custom field of the corresponding record (refer to image #2); and

  1. modify the output style’s bibliography template to include the custom field and mark it so it appears as a superscript (refer to image #3).

Refer to the Endnote training video “Custom fields and Reference Types”.