Problem with Custom Output Style


I had to create a customized output style for a publication, which must include information on the original publication of a source that has been translated, reprinted, etc.

For example:

Eagleton, Terry ( 2 2001): Was ist Kultur? Eine Einführung. München: Beck. (orig. The Idea of Culture, Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd., 2000).

The two in ( 2 2001) has been put in bold to indicate the edition. It should be superscript but had to be removed because it was invalid HTML code. Hope this makes sense.

The template I have created looks like this:

Author (| Edition Year): Title|.°Translated°by°Translator|. Edited°by°Series Editor|.°Number of Volumes°Bd|.°Band°Volume|,°_Series Title_|.°Place Published|:°Publisher.| (orig.°_Original Publication_,°Original Place of Publication:°Original Publisher,° Original Edition Original Year of Publication ).

Again ‘Edition’ and ‘Original Edition’ should be superscript and have been put in bold here instead.

It works mostly fine, i. e. whenever the information regarding the original publication between parenthesis is complete. However, if I only want to include the original year, as is the case mostly when it is just a reprint, the formatting breaks down:

Geertz, Clifford ( 2 2000): The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays. New York: Basic Books. 1973).

As you can see the opening parenthesis and the text ‘orig.’ is missing before the year. I need someone more experienced with Endnot to help me fix my template so that it says (orig. 1973) or (orig. Anytown: Awesome Publisher, 2000) whenever part of the fields remain empty. I have experimented around with | and ° but I cannot seem to solve the problem. I’ve been stuck for weeks now and at my wits’ end.

Where did I go wrong?