Superscript numbering style?


I’ve been using the MHRA (footnote) style which provideds superscript numbers and a numbered Bibliography at the end fo the document.

However this style has a few annoying features:

It capitalises the fist letter of each word in the title… even if it’s inappropriate

Every letter that is capitalised is changed into lower case… even if it’s inappropriate.

It also lists first name first rather than surname. It would be better to have the surname first… but that’s a minor quibble.

Likewise if an author is repeated a few times it puts a --------------------------  line at the start of the reference.

While this is acceptable as it’s consistent I would prefer the author was listed in full.

I’ve been looking through the styles for a while looking for an appropropriate one.

Can someone suggest an appropriate style?

There seems to be no easy way to identify superscript Endnote styles other than trying them one by one?

Perhaps someone can suggest a better way to identify an appropriate superscript style?

I’ve also tried editing the style to do what I want with absolutely no success.

…anyway it’s makes more sense to find a style that already does what you want?



To be honest, if I find a style close, I find it easier to edit it, than to sort thru 4000+ styles to find one exactly like I need, unless it is already listed by journal name or by publishing house.  

Do you really want a footnote style?  The superscripting there, is dependent on the footnote settings in the Word Processor, not on Endnote.  

But if you are just using in-text from this style, that is okay too.  Like it to be by Appearance, or Alphabetical (is one is Alphabetical)?  

I adjusted the settings addressing your comments – How does it work for you?  You have to open the attached, (which should open it in Endnote) and save as from endnote – to a name distinct from the current one on your computer.  Then go to your document, change the output style to this newly saved style (you probably have to view all styles from the top of the list to see it and select it, the first time).  

update the citations and bibliography (from the endnote ribbon) and see how it looks to you.  
MHRA (Footnote) Slick.ens (33.3 KB)