Switching from Harvard style to Chicago sytle 16th A

Hi everybody… when I switch my document from Harvard Style to Chicago 16th A Style (using the numbers) it only makes a space of the previous citation (last name, Year) without inserting the number, and in the end of the document it won’t number the references! How I can switch from Harvard Style to the Chicago style 16Th A without starting over from the beginning inserting the sources? Thanks

A common mistake when apparently switching output styles, is to switch them in the Endnote program when you need to switch them in the Word processing document.  If using Word 2007, 2010 or 2013, that is on the endnote ribbon, other versions I think it is still in the format bibliography dialog box.  This way, you can be working on two different documents for two different publications and not have to switch the output style back and forth.