Sync multiple libraries

Everytime when I try to sync a different library from the 1st one I receive a message saying that it will cause the merge of the library with the one previously synchronized. I’d like to suggest this feature: the ability to sync two or more libraries independently and not merge with the one already synchronized. 

I think so.

Unfortunately, they only support synching one library to the online site per user.

I agree completely - I’m trying to generate different source libraries for different research projects. I’ve got one ‘master’ library with all the sources that I’m intending to keep in the long term, with each other project library containing just the sources that I don’t intend to necessarily keep after I’ve finished a particular chapter or article. It’s a pain having to sync my master library and find other ways to backup my project libraries to prevent data loss in the event that anything happens to my system. Most of the time, it means that I have to leave sync turned off to prevent accidentally over-writing my master library.