Endnote Desktop will not sync with Endnote Web


I have been having this problem for about a week. Endnote Desktop will not sync with my Endnote web library. I am attaching an image of the error that I am recieving. 

I have tried at muliple locations (home = DSL) and work (T1 connection), so it is not an issue with my internet connection



Greetings Doug,

Could you open Internet Explorer and try navigating to http://myendnoteweb.com/ ? Even if you normally use a different web browser it’s crucial you perform this test with Internet Explorer. 

Please let me know if Internet Explorer is able to load the resulting web page.

I am having exactly the same problem. Tried restarting program and computer multiple times. myendnoteweb worked just fine on IE.



Greetings rsahrendt,

Are you receiving an error message when attempting to sync your library?  If so, what does this message state?  If no error message appears, after clicking “Tools>Sync” within EndNote, do you see a “Sync Status” entry on the left side of your library window?