Sync the field "Added to Library" between libraries

I use Endnote on a laptop, desktop, and iPad, with the same library synced between them.
When looking for a reference, I usually know when I added it to the library, so looking at the “Added to Library” field is very useful for me, but I recently discovered that the date field “Added to Library” does not sync between libraries.

The field instead shows the date when the reference was synced to the individual device.
For example, if I add new references to Evernote on my laptop during the week but sync my iPad on Friday, all references will have Friday as “Added to Library” on my iPad, but the correct days on my Laptop.

This is highly frustrating, I can’t think of any reason one would like the “Added to Library” date to be different between synced libraries.

This really makes the “Added to Library” field totally useless since it does not really hold any information.

I would ask you to consider changing this behavior (or adding a new field) for upcoming releases.

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yes, true for record number too… so I routinely copy the field I feel is important into a custom field, but it is a pain.