Beware - syncing changes the "Added to Library" and "Last Updated" fields to the current date

This design flaw caused me to give up on syncing because I lost the functionality of the “Added to Library” and “Last Updated” fields. Neither opening a case or Chat support provided a solution. I eventually found the following workaround.

Like many other users, I have EN installed on two PCs - desktop and laptop.

For my first-ever sync I followed the recommended 2-step protocol: synced my library on the desktop, then created an empty library on the laptop and populated it by syncing. The result was that the two date fields in all the records in my online and laptop libraries were reset to the current date.

The following workaround avoids this outcome. (Note: If you are not syncing for the first time, it will be necessary to empty your existing online library be performing a “reset”. There are several guides out there for doing that or tech support can help you.)

  1. Sync library on 1st PC. (As a precaution, first disable “Sync Automatically” in Edit->Prefs->Sync.) Close Endnote.
  2. Copy your library (the XXX.enl file and the XXX.Data folder) to the 2nd PC (don’t use a compressed enlx file!).
  3. Open EN on the 2nd PC and go to Edit->Prefs->Sync. Make sure “Sync Automatically” is disabled, fill in your login details, and click “Enable Sync”. Click OK, then sync the library. Ignore the warning that it is different from the last library you synced.
  4. Add a test record to your online library, then perform a sync on both of your PCs. Do the same in reverse. If all is working as expected, check the “Sync Automatically” option on both PCs.

Hope this is helpful.