Tabbing between fields in EN reference window fails

Tabbing from field to field in a Reference window appears to be broken in Endnote X4 for OS X. Hitting the Tab key works sometimes and sometimes not. When it fails (and it frequently does), it will simply not move to the next field in response to the keystroke. Once this happens on a field, if you click to another field and tab around again, it will fail again for the same fields.

I have found no rhyme or reason for these fail outs – and they might effect the Year field in a particular reference one time and then not when you reopen that cite.

These failures happen when opening and reviewing references as well as when creating them. Whether Endnote is set to Hide blank fields or not does not seem to effect the problem.

Anyone know what is going on here?


Endnote X4 / Mac OS X Leopard / no keystroke or macro software running in the background.

This is also discussed here - From what we have seen, the behavior is inconsistent but we are investigating. Any new information will be added to the other post.

 - Mathilda , the EndNote team

Thanks, Mathilda, I will watch that thread for news. As I am sure you appreciate, it is a killer bug, since it undermines the basic workflow.


Endnote user since Version 1.

Any update on this problem?   We also have a user with X4.0.2 and Mac 10.6.7 experiencing this intermittent problem where tabbing through fields of a Reference does nothing.  Is their any further info that can be provided to help the Endnote team troubleshoot this Mathilda?



Thanks for the inquiry. I think we have enough information to investigate. If not, I’ll post again with specific questions.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

It’s been a LONG time since any addressing of this issue. What’s going on? Is an update going to be forthcoming soon, as in the next two months? We paid lots of money for this and for a glaring a bug as this, an update should be provided soon.