Text after endnote reference list


does anybody know what I have to do if I want to write text after the endnote reference list without having the text marked in grey as if it would belong to the reference list? I need to add an appendix after the reference list, but endnote uses the text as if it would belong to the list.



Sometimes it is hard to get “outside” the field.  One easy way is to make a few paragraphs above the reference list, and then move the whole of the reference list up above those.  This is easier if you are “showing” paragraph symbols, which in Word, you can easily turn off and on from the reverse P symbol on the tool bar. 


if I move the endnote reference list the whole appendix is also moving although I havent marked it… so it doesn´t work with inserting paragraphs. I also tried it with paragraphs, with new pages… Is there another way?

Check your private messages here.  I can’t quite envision what is happening. 

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