The Accounting Review output style: in-text citation for single and multiple references.

A. This is Accounting Review style for multiple references:

First, we extend the strategic disclosure literature that has examined how firms use emphasis and tone in quarterly earnings announcements to influence investor perceptions (Schrand and Walther 2000; Lougee and Marquardt 2004; Rogers, Van Buskirk, and Zechman 2011; Davis, Ge, Matsumoto, and Zhang 2015). 

B. This is Accounting Review style for single reference:

Blankespoor et al. (2014) examine early adopters of Twitter and find that low-visibility technology firms that use Twitter to more broadly disseminate their news can reduce information asymmetry and increase the liquidity of their stock. 

C. Problem is I can’t have both.

I have read other thread, and I can figured out how to make each setting works. But not both. Like this:

O’Leary (2015) noted that Twitter has  been used frequently as a data source for predicting certain sets of events.

A wide range of prediction models based on Twitter variables have been made in a number of areas, such as predicting elections (e.g., Pang and Lee (2008; Conover et al. (2011; DiGrazia et al. (2013); Hobbs et al. (2017) 

Note: I’m using  X8.1 on MacOS Apple Pages

Any ideas? Thank you so much.

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The citation one should be (Author|, Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)  (note position of the openning parentheses) so that is what is usually applied when you insert a citation.  

and the second one Author (|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

The second one is selected only when you “edit citation” and choose the “Author (Year)” version to use as the noun in the text.  When editing be sure all spaces are inserted as “link adjacent” except the one between “Cited”  and “Pages” (which can be inserted as a field or carefully typed as text).

Thank you for your reply, 

But allowed me to rephrase my question.

How can I switch from (Author|, Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|) to Author (|Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)? 

Because there are two ways to citate references, not one, and I need to use both. And of course I’m hoping I can do it automatically via these layout setting, not type it manually. 

click in the citation you want to appear as Author (Year), right click and select edit citation from the dropdown menu and select “Display As Author (year)” - see image attached 

As I mentioned on my first post, I used Apple Pages (version 7.3), not Microsoft Word.

In Pages, I can find option to exclude “Author”, “Year”, and “Only insert in bibliography”. But I don’t see “Display As: Author(Year)”

As I mentioned on my first post, I used Apple Pages (version 7.3), not Microsoft Word. In Pages, I can find option to exclude “Author”, “Year”, and “Only insert in bibliography”. But I don’t see “Display As: Author(Year)”

Where can I find that option in Pages? Or is it only available in Word?

Thank you Leanne

Sorry, I missed that. 

I really can’t say (I am a user not associated with the developers and have never used Pages), but I know that EndNote is not as flexible with Apple’s Pages, as Apple implements it, not the EndNote developers.  Before this was an option in Word, I would hide the author and type it in manually outside the parentheses.