(The most-minial-grant-proposals style) How to transform .csl format into Endnote style format

Dear all:
I am in need to find a most concise journal citation style, as the grant proposal I’m currently writing has a VERY strict on the word counts.
I’ve found a “the-most-minimal-grant-proposals” csl file on the GithubGist. As I have absoultely no idea as how to transform these codings into EndNote-useable style format (if all possible). Would highly appreciate if any coding expert could help transform it into the EndNote style. Many thanks in advance.

I can’t do that (but chatGPT might?), but if it gave good examples of what it includes. I can write a simple one.

  • Numbered references (superscripted so no parentheses) and you should insert your citation with no space between the word and the citation, then it doesn’t count as a “word”, and no spaces after commas when multiple references.
  • First author and then et al for other authors (without initials)
  • Abbreviated journal names (but then you need to be certain you have a journal terms list)
  • Show only first page number.

also what kind of ref types you use. Book, book section, journal. another alternative is to just use DOIs for journals – with or without author details?