The problem of "RefMan RIS.enf" shipped by Endnote X3.

Hi all,

I use endnote X3 (bld 4094), and I found the following problem:

When I click on the following url to import the ris file into endnote directly:

I will get the this result (numbered style):

1. Park, C.H., S.B. Zhang, and S.-H. Wei, Origin of p-type doping difficulty in ZnO: The impurity perspective. Physical Review B, 2002. 66(Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society): p. 073202.

The issue entry of the above bibliography will be appeared as  “Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society”.

How can fix this problem?

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Hongsheng zhao.

The APS website is formatting the reference like this:

M1  - Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society
M1  - Please report any problems to
ID  - 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.073202
TI  - Origin of p-type doping difficulty in ZnO: The impurity perspective
A1  - Park, C. H.
AU  - Zhang, S. B.
AU  - Wei, Su-Huai
VL  - 66
IS  - 7
PB  - American Physical Society
SP  - 073202
PY  - 2002/08/05/
JF  - Physical Review B
JA  - Phys. Rev. B
J1  - PRB
UR  -
ER  -

The copyright note is in the M1 field. The journal issue number is in the IS field.

In EndNote, click on Edit>Import Filters>Open Filter Manager.

Browse to the RefMan (RIS) filter, select it and click on the Edit button.

When the edit window opens, click on Templates in the left-hand column.

You should see the Journal Article template.

Check that the IS tag is correctly mapped to the Issue field.

Find the M1 tag, and map it to a field like Notes. It may contain important information when you are using other databases, so you should not choose to ignore it altogether.

There is a new Refman RIS.enf file downloadable from the support pages which appears to be correct. 

(and I thought I answered this too, and I did, as it was double posted to general). 

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