The problem of "RefMan RIS.enf" shipped by Endnote X3.

Hi all,

I use endnote X3 (bld 4094), and I found the following problem:

When I click on the following url to import the ris file into endnote directly:

I will get the this result (numbered style):

  1. Park, C.H., S.B. Zhang, and S.-H. Wei, Origin of p-type doping difficulty in ZnO: The impurity perspective. Physical Review B, 2002. 66(Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society): p. 073202.

The issue entry of the above bibliography will be appeared as  “Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society”.

How can fix this problem?

Best regards.

Hongsheng zhao.
 Kudos! Thanks!

It appears that the RefMan Ris.enf that shipped with X3 (mine too) incorrectly mapped the M1 field to Issue, which is what is happening when you import the file which contains this:

M1  - Copyright (C) 2009 The American Physical Society
M1  - Please report any problems to
ID  - 10.1103/PhysRevB.66.073202
TI  - Origin of p-type doping difficulty in ZnO: The impurity perspective
A1  - Park, C. H.


I checked and there is a Generic Refman Ris.enf available for download where this has been corrected (3/2009, generic, Refman RIS).  I attach that filter here.  You need to delete the refman Ris.enf file from the Program Folders/endnote/filters folder and replace it with this one.  The easiest way is to delete the orginal, open this one in endnote as save as, deleting the word “copy” from the name.  (this will save it to your mydocuments endnote filters folder, so it won’t overwrite the original, and you have to manually delete the original, in my experience. 

RefMan RIS.enf (37.7 KB)

Good, thanks a lot, it does the trick.

But in my case, I find the only thing to do is: copy the correct enf file to mydocuments endnote filters folder, and the endnote X3 will give higher  priority to the use of this filter then that of the original one.

Best regards.