The summery-edit-PDF window is only readable and I can't edit reference

I have EndNote 21 and I have a great problem
When I click on a “reference” it show the right window with summery-edit-PDF contain;
But it only readable and I can’t edit the reference!
How it can be solve?


When encountering difficulties whilst editing references in EndNote 21, it’s imperative to ensure your software version is up to date. Check for any available updates within EndNote’s ‘Help’ menu. Additionally, confirm you have the proper permissions to edit your library; this may require consultation with your system administrator or librarian. Should the problem persist, consider restarting the software. If the issue continues, you might think about recovering your library by selecting ‘Library’ > ‘Recover Library.’ As a final measure, should all other solutions fail and you’re contemplating a full reinstallation of EndNote, it’s paramount to back up your library and all associated data beforehand.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much for your useful tips.