This EndNote beta version has expired.

Having upgraded to Word for Mac 2016, I was having trouble getting into Endnote X7. I signed up for the Beta testing version of Endnote X7p2. However, that seemed equally as frustrating, so I reverted to my old version of Endnote X7 which I got working to my satisfaction. I followed the recommended installation and uninstall procedures for X7p2 and X7 listed on the Beta Testing message boards.

However, just at the point where I am about to submit my thesis, I opened Endnote last week to do some further writing and the message “This EndNote beta version has expired.” came up. When I click on the OK box under this message, Endnote terminates. I cannot access my library or any of the work associated with Endnote, nor can I continue with CWYW in my thesis.

My Mac is a MacBook Air running OSX 10.11.3 -and as you can imagine, I am finding this more than a little bit stressful. Any solutions regarding this lockout would be greatfully received!

Yes,  Call support?  

in United Kingdom

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Sorry, the one piece of info I omitted - I am a UK user - the helpful link you poseted only includes the USA. Is there a UK helpdesk?