Through endnote X7, windows 8/8.1 in-bulid pdf reader (metro App) cannot display pdf


I use windows 8/8.1 in-build reader (metro App) as my default pdf reader. However, every time I want to open a pdf in my endnote X7 lib, the pdf just cannot be displayed rightly. At most time, the pages are just blank, some rare cases are partly displayed. But each time I open the same pdf directly using windows file explorer, the reader app can display the pages normally. The same problem happens to every computer I’ve ever tested. So I think there must be some problems with the compatibility. The screen shots are enclosed in attachments.


Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am having the exact same issue (on a Surface Pro).

I think it might have something to do with EndNote already having the file “open” via the preview, because if I click to a different file in EndNote, and then close/reopen the same file in Reader, I can see the pdf just fine. This is not an acceptable solution by any means, but  hopefully this sheds some light on why this is occuring.

I have exactly the same problem on 2 independent Windows 8.1 computers.

As soon as I browse to the original PDF file in Windows explorer I can open it without any problems. However, this is not a convenient solution to reading pdf attachments.

Unfortunately the inbuilt pdf reader has limited capabilities (e.g. zooming) especially on touch devices and therefore cannot replace the Windows reader.

I would be very grateful for a patch or workaround to this problem!



Hi there,

No solution from microsoft and endnote right now. I changed to a new app called XODO Docs.

Hi there,

No solution from microsoft and endnote right now. You can try some alternative apps such as XODO Docs or Drawboard PDF.