Title Headline capitalization doesn't capitalize all words that it should

The output style I use needs headline capitalization for titles. However, there seems to be an exception list buried somewhere in EndNote that stops some words being capitalized. For example, the following title is capitalized thus: “Careers in and out of Organizations”. I can understand the “and” and the “of” not being capitalized, but not the “in” and the “out”. Is there a way of getting access to the rules that EndNote uses in this instance (other than the Edit > Preferences > Change Case setting, which is about preventing case changes when you don’t want them)?

Headline-style capitalization (according to the Endnote manual): “The first letter of every significant word is capitalized. Articles and prepositions are not capitalized.” In your example, “and, of, in, out“ are treated as prepositions and will not be capitalized.

To access and search the Endnote manual, go to the Endnote toolbar and select Help >Search for help on.

Thanks – yes, I saw that in the manual. Eventually I figured it out (heaven knows why it took me so long). Put “In” and “Out” in the “Change Case” exceptions list (in the title in question these are significant words, and they’re capitalized in the actual book title), and capitalize them in the EndNote library entry. It’s a bit of a kludge, because if for any reason you need sentence case in the headings you’ll have to uncapitalize them in the library entry, but it works. It would be nice if one had access to the rules that EndNote uses for capitalization, but it sounds from what you say that we don’t.

Thanks again for your help.