Capitalizing titles

I’m using footnotes, Chicago Manual of Style.

I told Endnote to capitalize all first words in the title (Edit > Output Style > Footnotes > Title Capitalization > Headline style capitalization), and at first all went well.

But when I cite titles in Italian, I run into a problem because Italian uses prepositions and apostrophes.

Instead of this: “L’Esclusione dall’Accademia d’Italia”

I get this: “L’esclusione Dall’accademia D’italia”

Endnote capitalizes the prepositions when it shouldn’t, and fails to capitalize the nouns (like Italia - meaning Italy!) when it should. 

Any suggestions how to fix this? I don’t want to change the Endnote settings to “Sentence style capitalization” because a lot of my titles are not capitalized and it would mean a major job going back and capitalizing them all inside Endnote…

Thanks in advance!

You could use the Change Case feature to specify the desired word display.

Excellent. That worked! Thanks so much!