Tools to tidy up terms lists


having spend forever today trying to get my journal terms list into a consistent format, I was thinking it would be fantastic if Endnote had the ability to scan a terms list and:

  • Find and delete duplicate or similar entries. It could give the user a summary and give them the option of which one to keep.
    Apply the same format to all abbreviations. For example, if most of my abbreviation 1 entries have abbreviations with full stops (eg. J. Exp. Biol.) and abbreviation 2 has no stops (eg. J Exp Biol), then this format could be applied to all terms in the list. I have about half of my journals with the full stops in abbreviation 1 and half in abbreviation 2 which is a major pain to clean up. This is mostly the result of importing citations from different sources which might use a different convention.