Transfering trial version library to real EndNote version

I am about to begin a research consultancy that requires the use of EndNotes. I am not able to purchase EndNotes until my contract arrives, so that I can be sure that my costs will be reimbursed. However, I am expected to familiarize myself with the trial version of EndNotes so that I can jump right into the research.

Will my library on my trial version of EndNotes be transfered to the “real” version once I am able to purchase it?

Thanks for you assistance!

Yes, but as in any installation of software,  make sure that any, styles, filters, connection files you alter are kept in your personal folders, which should be default settings of the program (NOT in the Program folder location of Endnote).  Also keep your library and associated DATA folder contents backed up and for safe keeping, make a compressed copy of the library from the File menu.  Finally, I sugest uninstalling the trial of any  program before  installing the full program. 

Thanks so much for your help!