Endnote libraries into Endnote Web without Endnote software

I used to have Endnote 7 and no longer have Endnote software but still have the Endnote libraries.  I would like to place the Endnote libraries into Endnote Web.  Is there a way to do this without the Endnote software?


probably not, but you could try using the trial software, do the conversion and then try to upload it?  I am not sure if the trial software will interface with endnoteweb though, which I assume you have as a standalone product thru a site license at a school? 

The Trial version should interface just fine with an Existing EndNote Web account.

Either provide the credentials when you click “EndNote Web…” from the Tools menu.

Or, you can go to Edit - Preferences - EndNote Web, and plug the credentials into this more permanent set of fields.