Translator name is being capitalised (but not Author?)

Hi there,
The message subject states my problem really. I’m using a modified form of the Harvard style, and whilst the Author name is being reproduced as it has been entered, the translators name is being converted into all caps:i.e. I have entered ‘W D Hall,’ in the Translator field, but it’s coming up as ’ W D HALL’ in my bibliography.

I have ‘Leave Titles as entered’ chosen in the style’s Title Capitalization (and the titles are all fine) - it’s just the translator that’s the problem.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, tim

I’ve solved it - there’s a capitalization field under Editors Name that determines this.

Thanks for the help - you’re pretty great…

(Awww shucks… But no problem Tim - is what I’m here for…)

Love you

(Same - though that’s a weird thing to say)