Output Style re Author/Translated Author

Hi everybody,

I am using Endnote X1 with Word 2007. 

I have a lot sources in different languages in my bibliography and I have to give a transcript as well as the author and title in the original language. I want to format it this way: Surname, Name. When I use Translated Autor in brackets like this: Author (Translated Author), Translated Author is in the original language, as it should be. But the output is

Smith, John (John Smith)

but I want to have it like this:

Smith, John (Smith, John).

How can I achieve the latter output?

Thanks a lot!

Name format for the Translated Author field is controlled by “Editor Name” options, like Secondary/Tertiary/Subsidiary author fileds. Try changing options there. You probaly had “Smith, Jane” format in “Author Name”, and “Jane Smith” format in “Editor Name”.

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Exatly, that’s it!

Thanks a lot, it works now.