Capitalizing author names and Editor names

My EndNote 7 has suddenly decided to capitalize the full last name of all authors in the a reference list in Word, using APA 6th. output style.  Also to place editor initials after the last name, instead of before, as per APA requirements.  I’ve checked the output style, and there no changes to what was there before, and the template doesn’t show all caps for author names.

Any ideas on fixiing this?  Drives me nuts as I have to go into every reference and convert every author name to sentence case and reverse the editor name sequence.

Are you absolutely sure you are using the output style you think you are using in the document?  It makes absolutely no difference what output style is selected and viewed in the Endnote program.  It is solely based on the output style selected in the document on the Endnote ribbon of the word processor or in the Edit Bibliography Dialogue.  What word processor?  

Luvverly!  That’s what it was.  I guess i’ve always had APA6 for about 8 years, and then had to do a Harvard,-based articlee, and tha’s what stuck in there.  Thank you!

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