travel library problem with endnote

Hi All

I am using the program for a long time and I like it very much. I have a endnote X1 version.

2 days ago i sent my manustcript to one of my friends for correcting. When he sent it to me back there was no travel library connection in word document and now I can not format my references because word can not find a way to connect to endnote.

Could you please help me how can I solve the problem.

Thanks in advance

Are there still grey fields which are the endnote links?  or did you colleague remove all the fields?  (do an Alt F9 and see if they turn to gibberish - repeating the Alt F9 will  then return them to normal). 

If they have removed the fields, there are some tricks I can outline, put will need to know what style you used.  None of the tricks will be “simple” though. 

Unfotunatley I can NOT see the grey fields. I think my colleague removed all the fields.

could you please send me the tricks? I use simple numered sytle.


Lets take this off-list.  I will send a personal message, check you inbox? 

For all the rest of you out there.  Always revert your document to the unformatted form before sharing with a colleague.   It is the safest course of action.

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