EndNote error in Creating EndNote travelling library

Dear All, 

I have two problems in EndNoteÖ 

  1. I have a word document which contains the EndNote style formate (Grey colored text for citation and for references). However, when I tried to generate a traveling library from that, it gave a message saying “EndNote error”. Can any of you help? 

  2. A more advanced question: I have a word document which contains plain text. I need to create an EndNote library of that in a simple way. Any help? 


  1. I assume you mean “export traveling library” (see support document here) from the word menu on the endnote toolbar?  Can you unformat ( A COPY ) of the document to curly brackets/temporary citations to confirm they are endnote citations?  I assume you don’t have a copy of the original endnote library?  If from a colleague, are you sure they used endnote and not word or another software?  

  2. How many references are you talking about, and are they not available in accessible public or even subscription databases you could access and download?  You can attempt to convert from text to a tagged format that endnote can import, but if in the sciences, it is usually much easier to just find them and import them from pubmed, getting more information in the process than available in a reference list.  You can import books from library databases and chapters fromthe publishers web site usually.  Official word from Software providers is here.  There are threads that use some tools, but most find manual methods are preferred.  Here is one older thread that list some tools that may or maynot be still available.   There are others, but I can’t seem to find them right now.