Traveling Library Error (re: field codes)

Hi there, I’m working with someone who is having problems with her traveling library.  When she exported it back from her home environement to her work environment, the field codes didn’t match.   And when she tries to update the codes from her word document so that they match the ones created in her work environment, nothing happens (it finds the reference but doesn’t update).  Has anyone heard of this happening?  Any advice you can give?  Thanks!!

You shouldn’t have to export a travelling library – it is in the document itself.  If you do extract it, the The endnote ibrary that is created, never matches the record numbers – it renumbers them.  – 

If you want the same numbers in a smaller endnote library and absolute record number matching, you need to compress/export the part of the library that contains the cited references (a temporary group created while you are working with word and endnote).  – compress those into an .enlx library, and then everything matches.  

What version of word and endnote is your colleague working with?    

Thanks!  She was using Endnote version 16 at work and 17 at home.  I may have mis-remembered the language she used (re: exporting the traveling library).  I think she is working with Word version 10.  Thanks again.