Need to retrieve original record numbers from travelling library

When I’m editing long MS Word documents with hundreds of citations created in EndNote it can sometimes greatly speed things if I convert to unformatted citations so that Word is able, for example, to do searches that find the curly brackets - but this is only practicable if I also have access to the original .enl library file with the original Record Numbers. And I often don’t have that original library file.

Is it at all possible to extract the Travelling Library for a document in such a way as to retain the original Record Number for each reference?

Why would you need the original Endnote library file and record numbers? After exporting the document’s in-text citations to an Endnote traveling library convert those citations so they’re unformatted and appear as temporary citations with the curly braces. Then you could search the document and the record numbers appearing in the temporary citations would correspond with records/record numbers in the Endnote traveling library. (To facilitate your work you could change the Endnote library display field preferences to show record numbers – refer to attached image.)

If you still need the original record numbers you will, unfortunately, need to obtain the original Endnote library file as exporting citations into a traveling library will cause the records to be assigned new numbers.

I remember that the traveling library was at one time “findable” as a temporary library somewhere, and you could recover it and the original record numbers, but alas, I don’t believe it is possible anymore.  I certainly can’t find any trace of it.  – It would also only work properly if no two records happened to have the same record number (coming from two different libraries).  Maybe it is still existing when the manuscript is open in word, but I couldn’t find it using a windows search when I saw your post.