End note not set at APA 6th after editting


I want my end note to set my citation as APA 6th, with et al indicated for authors above 2. I have set my end note to APA 6th edition on my word document as well as in the softwere and also when importting references. i have also edited APA 6th following the steps edit, output styles, edith APA6th, citation, authors list , abbrevated authors list, first appearance and subsequent appearence as (3) or more authors abevatted at et al., i closed and accepted the changes. But still, et al appears for 6 or more authors when cited in text. i  repeated the steps and still found out the first appearnce still remains as 6 after i had severally changed it to (3) . i have tried severally but to no avail.

Could you please help!!!

When you make changes to an output style for the 1st time those changes will be saved as a new output style file with the word “Copy” added to the file name. (Unless you manually opted to change the file name.) So, for example, in your case, the new output style file is: APA 6th Copy. In order for the changes to take effect you’ll need to change the output style, so you’re using the new output style file instead of the old one.

The output style needs to be changed in the Word document, not in the endnote program,  and ensure you do not use the same exact filename when using the “save as” option, or there will be two (in different places) and endnote tends to continue to use the original version stored in the program folder and not the user edited version in the library/endnote/styles folder.