Trouble with formatting bibliography in Master Document


I’m  having a few more issues updating my bibliography in my Master Document.  I have done the latest update for Endnote X6.0.2

  1. When I have expanded my sub documents the bibliography updates automatically to included the subdocument citations and the bibliography has everything included; however, when I collapse the subdocuments then the bibliography resets again to NOT include the subdocument references- even though they are linked at the end of the page.

  2.  Also, in 2 of my subdocuments I have a text box with text and references at the end of tables and they are staying either staying unformatted/ or my endnote is asking me to rectify the reference.  Im not sure what’s happening here.

  3. Occasionally a COM error pops up on my screen saying that the function I am trying is not available as the master document is locked for editing.  I can’t seem to see where the master document would be locked or why this would be happening.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated