trouble with numbering of references

When I format my bibliography, Endnote makes the first reference in the document #4 even though I have selected 1 as the first number in the preferences. Refs #1-3 do come up later in the document, in a seemingly random place. The numbers in the document match the correct references at the end, but how can I ensure that I start with #1 rather than #4? (I’ve already chosen “Start with number 1” in the Endnote format menu).

You probably have text boxes with figures in the document, which are picked up first.  Convert them to frames and all will be well.  See this FAQ:

You probably have text boxes with figures and endnote references in the legends.  They are picked up first.  You want to convert them to frames.  See this article:  (updated to reflect new “home”.)

Thank you so much - you saved my day!