Numbered References Problem

Hi all,

I am facing a problem in which my references are not being numbered in the correct order. For eg:, the first refernce is number 5 and then later on somewhere in the document no 1 comes up. Although the numbers at the end do correspond to the correct reference. Can anyone help me how do i get all the references in correct order?

Thanks so much

I will bet you there are textboxes with references in your manuscript.  See for a discussion of the likely cause (citation inserted into a textbox usually associated with a figure), but view  this recent solution to the problem which is a better fix than that oulined in the first link.  

Hey thanks so much…this was really helpful…I had some of my references in the text box and they were creating problems. But now as I m converting it to frames, the figure is getting numbers problem is solved but the figures are getting distorted. I will probably remove the references from those text bx. Thanks again…smileyhappy: